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Burgundy And Red By Bari Jay

View burgundy and red bridesmaids dresses by Bari Jay.
Flower Girls and Accessories are also available in coordinating colors.

Flower Girls and Accessories are also available in coordinating colors.

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Burgundy & Red Bridesmaids Dresses

Bari Jay offers a wide selection of burgundy and red bridesmaid dresses! Burgundy is an elegant and eye-catching color, perfect for a bridesmaid playing a key role in a grand ceremony. The excellent thing about burgundy is this rich, luxurious hue suits all skin tones! With colors such as berry, Bordeaux, red wine, and sangria available, you can find a beautiful dress to wear and fulfill your duty as a bridesmaid on the big day!
Burgundy and red are common colors for bridesmaids due to their versatility. They are great for any themed wedding, any time of the year. Whether you are attending a rustic wedding in the winter or a boho wedding in the summer, these colors are the perfect choice.

Choose From a Range of Styles and Necklines

Long and short burgundy and red bridesmaid dresses are available, all with different necklines, styles, and materials. This allows you to consider what dress best suits you and will make you feel confident and comfortable. Materials range from flowy and comfortable to enchanting and classic. These include Bella Chiffon, Georgette, Iridescent Chiffon, Jersey, Lux Stretch, Mikado, Stretch Charmeuse, Stretch Crepe, and Velvet.
You can customize the look even further by selecting the neckline and style you want in a bridesmaid dress. Necklines include halter, high neck, off-the-shoulder, spaghetti straps, strapless, and more, guaranteed to flatter every figure. Finish the design by choosing an A-line, empire, or mermaid skirt! The variety of options that Bari Jay means you can find the perfect style to make you feel your best. Whether you want a sophisticated look or a sleek and modern style, Bari Jay has many options for you!

Burgundy & Red Bridesmaids Dress FAQs

Questions about the range of burgundy and red bridesmaid dresses at Bari Jay? Read through our FAQs to help you find the perfect dress.

What styles are available in burgundy and red?

Here at Bari Jay, we offer a wide range of bridesmaid dress styles in burgundy and red, so you can choose what best suits your figure and personal preferences. The style can be pieced together in various ways, from the length you prefer to the neckline. From Bella Chiffon to Velvet, you can customize a bridesmaid's dress to suit your needs. Browse online to see what styles are available, or head to your local store to try them on yourself.

Will burgundy and red look okay on different skin tones?

Burgundy is a versatile color that looks good on all skin tones. You can choose any shade of burgundy, including berry, Bordeaux, red wine, and sangria.

Can you wear burgundy or red to a winter wedding?

Yes! Burgundy and red are great colors for a winter wedding. They perfectly fit a winter color palette, but they are also great colors for a wedding any time of the year!

Can you get red bridesmaid dresses in a maternity fit?

Yes! You can find red and burgundy bridesmaid dresses in a maternity fit, as well as many others! 

Mikado Bridesmaid Dresses

Worn by Nichole Richie’s bridesmaids, mikado bridesmaids' dresses are the perfect choice for your bridal party to wear on your special day. Here at Bari Jay, we offer Mikado bridesmaids dresses in a variety of styles and colors for you and your bridal party to choose from.

What is Mikado?

Mikado is a designer material, often used to create celebrity bridal and bridesmaids gowns. It is created by treating silk in a very specific way, originating from Japan. Mikado is a popular fabric amongst bridesmaids, as it has a stunning sheen that portrays luxury and elegance. It is voluminous and slightly heavier than your typical bridesmaid dress material, which means you can acquire a flattering silhouette that you don’t need to adjust throughout the day or night of the wedding. It will also mean that your bridesmaids do not need to wear underlayers, such as a petticoat. The fabric can turn any style and color dress into a formal and sophisticated ensemble. Mikado elegantly balances structure with softness. Dresses have a subtle textured finish, which helps to add depth and character to the look.

Shop Our Selection of Beautiful Mikado Bridesmaid Dresses

We have a selection of Mikado bridesmaid dresses to suit the preferences of the bride and the theme of the wedding. Mikado fabric works exceptionally well with dress styles such as mermaid, ball gown, and a-line. Each dress is made with high-quality mikado fabric, specially used to create stunning bridesmaid dresses that your bridal party will love.
Shop our selection of Mikado bridesmaid dresses today to curate your perfect bridal party look!



Is Mikado flattering?

Bridesmaid dresses made from mikado material are extremely flattering. The material provides depth and structure, which enables the dress to hold its shape very well. With an a-line or ball gown style dress, you will find that mikado material can make any bridesmaid feel beautiful.

Is Mikado a good fabric?

A lot of time and effort goes into weaving mikado fabric out of silk, using an old Japanese technique. Mikado is a high-quality fabric, favored by designers all around the world for its structure, durability, and beauty.

Is Mikado too shiny?

Mikado does have a sheen to it. It is important that you consider what “too shiny” means for you, and whether you would be comfortable with bridesmaids' dresses that have a sheen to them. Order a fabric sample or head to your local store so you can see how the material makes you feel.

Is Mikado better than satin?

Both mikado and satin are beautiful and have benefits for being chosen as the material for your bridesmaid's dresses. However, mikado is heavier and provides a dress with more structure, so it retains a voluminous shape.

How does Mikado fabric look?

A bridesmaid dress made from mikado fabric is known to have a slightly textured, raised, or grainy surface. It is thick and soft to the touch and has a sheen on the surface. These are the main features that make it so popular amongst brides and bridesmaids.