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Maternity Dresses By Bari Jay

Maternity Dresses By Bari Jay


Choose From a Variety of Beautiful Maternity Bridesmaids Dresses at Bari Jay!

Maternity versions of many of our stylish bridesmaid dresses in the same fabrics and colors with enough room to accommodate a growing bump.

Your bridesmaids play a vital role in your big day, so it is important that every bridesmaid in the bridal party feels and looks good. This is where maternity bridesmaid dresses can come in handy. Our maternity bridesmaid dresses have been specially designed and curated to make your pregnant bridesmaids feel confident and look perfect on your special day.

If you have a friend who is going to be pregnant on your big day, you can opt for the equivalent gown, in a maternity style. This will ensure you can include everyone and maintain the theme and cohesion on your big day.

Our maternity bridesmaid dresses have been made to perfectly match the Bary Jay bridesmaid gowns, or they can be made as separates with a stretch component at the waist of the skirts. This guarantees the same high level of comfort, quality, and style. Our maternity selection is offered in a range of styles that are available in over 100 colors.

Browse our selection of beautiful maternity bridesmaid dresses so you can find the perfect fit for your pregnant bridesmaid.


Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a maternity dress can prove a challenge, as every day that passes, you will be growing. You are also going to have different needs than your fellow bridesmaids. However, your comfort on the day of your friend's wedding is of the utmost importance. You will likely be on your feet and a big part of the wedding, so you want to ensure that you find a maternity bridesmaid dress that fits you well, is comfortable, provides you with good mobility, and is breathable. Take time to browse the dresses and find the styles and colors that you like the best. Consider the shape and fit of the dresses, and make sure that you pick something you are going to feel confident and comfortable in. To further help you choose the right maternity bridesmaid dress, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I choose the right maternity bridesmaid dress size?

The right size dress will depend on your preferences. Maternity dresses are designed to have extra room so that you can be comfortable, but some bridesmaids still like to buy slightly bigger dresses so they can move more easily at night and not get too hot. Maternity dresses have a larger midsection to accommodate your growing bump, as you will likely be a different size when you order the dress, to the wedding day. If you head to a Bari Jay retailer, then you can get a professional measurement, which will help you choose the right size maternity dress.

What colors do maternity bridesmaid dresses come in?

Maternity bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of colors. At Bari Jay, you will find dresses in the following colors:










Jewel tones


What styles can you get maternity bridesmaids dressed in?

Maternity dresses come in a great selection of styles, including off-the-shoulder, spaghetti strap, and v-neck. There are different features and hemlines to choose from.

When should I order a maternity dress for a wedding?

It is up to you when you wish to order a maternity dress for the wedding you are attending. It is important to consider your budget and how far along you are. You don’t want to leave it too last minute, in case the maternity bridesmaid dress you desire is no longer available. However, you will need to consider how much you will grow in the time between now and the wedding to ensure you buy the right size dress.

Can I obtain a material swatch before I order my maternity bridesmaid dress?

You can order a material swatch for your maternity bridesmaid dress before you purchase one. This is an excellent idea, so you can get an idea of what materials you like and feel comfortable in.